Thursday 19 August 2021

Model too fat for H&M jumps from slightly tilted window

Berlin (dpo) - Having been rejected as "too fat" in a casting for Swedish clothing group H&M, a 21-year-old model from Berlin jumped out of her flat’s tilted window on the fourth floor yesterday. Miraculously, the Berlin girl was only slightly injured.
“After I had been rejected at the casting, I simply felt I was too fat for my job”, the young woman who wishes to remain anonymous told us. Yesterday morning, when she noticed in the mirror that her pelvic bones were not protruding as far as they used to, she finally “lost it”.
Most girls cannot compete with this
First, in a bout of binge eating, she devoured one whole currant. “Then, I simply felt very bad and low. I overreacted, tilted the window and jumped.”
When jumping, the Berlin girl was very lucky in that her fall from a height of about 13 yards could be held up by the soft hat of a pensioner who was just passing by her window. “I cannot imagine what would have happened if the wind had not blown me slightly to the left”, she told the Postillon.
Luckily, she only sustained minor bruising. The 73-year-old pensioner on whose hat she fell only learned of the event when witnesses told him on location. Meanwhile, the young woman has recovered and received some excellent news for her career: H&M has offered her a job after all - as a plus size model.
fed, dan, ssi; picture above: Fotolia; please note: first published 2017-08-04
Read the German version HERE.
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