Friday 19 March 2021

Ankle scarves grow in popularity among young people looking to stay warm

Berlin (dpo) - Exposed ankles are still all the rage, especially among young people, in a fashion known as flanking (flashing ankle). Because temperatures are low though, we can see more and more ankle-scarf wearers – the latest trend to keep cosy.

“Only old people wear long trousers,” according to Dennis Krupski (18), “but after I got chilblains twice this winter and my doctor warned me that I could lose my ankles, I started wearing these scarves as a precaution.”
Ankle scarves are often hand knitted and are popular buys on several online platforms. They are practical, too: as soon as you go indoors, you can take them off to reveal your perfectly styled outfit underneath.
There is one rookie error to be avoided: “Never use just one scarf for both legs!” This warning comes from Dennis Krupski, as he points to a scar on his forehead, “It seems like a good idea to start with but you soon find it’s not.”
dan, ssi; picture [M]: Shutterstock
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