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+++ Wonder Lion: head of European Commission adopts circus animal +++
+++ Sail: big discount on yacht equipment today! +++
+++ "That can't be Sirius!": astronomy student told she has been observing the wrong star for hours +++
+++ Inch Ale: 2.54cm beer is very popular with American prisoners +++
+++ "Fine!": speedy driver reluctantly pays up +++
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Catholic Church introduces burka for altar servers

Vatican (dpo) - Following the recent virtual Symposium on preventing and healing child sexual abuse, the Catholic Church today announced key measures to tackle the issue going forward, including a stipulation that altar servers don the burka. The concept for this full-body covering was borrowed from another major world religion. Proponents hope that using it in the Church will prevent priests from being enticed into sexual assault.
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Cruel little milk vampires suck life-sustaining fluid from innocent women

Münster, Germany (dpo) - A shocking study on so-called lacto vampirism by the Parazoological Faculty of the University of Münster has caused quite a stir. The study found that thousands of women in Germany alone are under the unholy influence of tiny milk vampires who are both unpredictable and milkthirsty.
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Boom in property market: homeless man sells cardboard box in central Dublin for €230,000

Dublin (dpo) - Hugh O'Reilly has made his fortune – today, this homeless man from Dublin sold his cardboard box in the city centre to a businessman for €230,000. The ongoing boom in the housing market caused by the pandamic is the reason why Mr O'Reilly was able to achieve such a good price for his abode, which measures just 1.5 m².
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Fakir manages to eat just one single potato crisp in whole bag

New Delhi (dpo) - No one has ever accomplished this before: today, live on camera, Indian fakir Haripal Viswansani managed to eat just one single crisp out of a freshly opened bag! Afterwards, he sat in silence for several hours without reaching for more crisps.
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200 storeys: World’s first skyscraper yacht completed in Dubai

Dubai (dpo) - Could this city be any gaudier?! Today, the world’s first skyscraper yacht embarked on its maiden voyage in Dubai. The Burj Khalifa building at a height of 830 m (2723 ft) served as an example for the megaproject, which was commissioned by well-known hotel owner and entrepreneur Emad al-Shareif.
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46 Things you should never say after sex

For some, it is the most wonderful hobby you could ask for and for others it is the highlight of their year: sex. But what should you say once it is over and you are lying next to each other more or less satisfied? Well, how are we to know? The only thing we are sure of are the 46 things you should never ever say after sex:
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