Winter in Afghanistan: US combat drones migrate south

Kabul (dpo) - This breathtakingly beautiful natural spectacle takes place every year at around the same time: US combat drones in Afghanistan and parts of Pakistan have begun flying south for the winter.
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Trump still in shock from seeing George Bush at George Bush’s funeral

Washington (dpo) - How is this even possible? This week at the funeral of former US President George Bush, current US President Donald Trump almost fell of his seat when he spotted former US President George Bush among the mourners. He still shivers when he thinks back to that moment.
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Fire brigade to sell beer and hot dogs to onlookers at accident sites

Cologne (dpo) - It is a familiar problem for rescue teams – time and again, rubberneckers get in the way of rescue and clearance work, especially on roads. Now, the Cologne Fire Brigade has developed a new plan to keep onlookers busy and supplement their budget at the same time: in future, beer and hot dogs are to be sold at all accident sites.
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Providing a more natural habitat: pet shop offers microplastics for fish tanks

Aurora, Illinois (dpo) - Pet fish can now finally live like they do in their natural habitat! A pet shop in Aurora, Illinois, today launched a new product: microplastics for fish tanks. This product can be used to create an absolutely realistic habitat for underwater companions.
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“Just because it’s white”: dairy farmers protest lactose intolerance

Berlin (dpo) - Today, several hundred farmers and their families gathered in front of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin to protest the wave of lactose intolerance spreading across Germany and the Western world. They are urging the government to finally take effective action against this despicable disgust for a drink which has long been viewed as a pillar of Western culture and society.
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Bin Salman would like Trump to make clear how many murders of journalists he has left

Riyadh, Washington D.C. (dpo) - A one-off is no problem – but where is the limit? Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman would like Donald Trump to tell him how many murders of journalists he has left before some kind of punishment kicks in. He says this is the only way he can plan his approach to dealing with critics of his regime.
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+++ "Bow, wow!": Dog is amazed by shooting device +++
+++ Pioneer: first man ever to use baked treat to dull noise +++
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