The value of x to be fixed at 5 once and for all

Bonn (dpo) - This news is guaranteed to delight maths grouches all over the world! Determining the value of x is the goal in countless mathematical problems and now the world-renowned Max Planck Institute for Mathematics has finally fixed it at 5 exactly.
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+++ Clothed: toothless strip club girls affected by corona shutdown +++
+++ Hates beach: internet-troll doesn't like holidays at the sea +++
+++ Has a plane to catch: King Kong spends some time visiting the Empire State Building +++
+++ "Hurry, Ken!": Barbie asks friend to quickly find shelter from approaching storm +++
+++ His upbringing made him sell fish: son renowned for unfair business dealings takes over family seafood company +++
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Parents forget own child's name due to lack of tattoo

Hameln, Germany (dpo) - Sandra and Peter Wegner, both 35, are in despair. They had given their child a simple, popular name but today, to their horror, they found that it eluded them. Unlike other new parents, they had never had it tattooed onto their bodies in ornate letters. Unfortunately, their child’s birthday has also escaped their memory, since this information is not stated anywhere on their bodies, either.
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YouTube to require users to rewind videos after watching

San Bruno, CA (dpo) - YouTube is asking its users to be a bit more considerate. The video portal announced that, in future, users who do not rewind videos after watching them will be penalised by being temporarily blocked from the site. These users thus risk not being able to watch any more videos for several days.
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Fool advertises for sports company Adidas for free

St. Helens, Oregon (dpo) - How stupid can you be? Logan Anderson (19) from St. Helens, Oregon, regularly wears a T-shirt showing the logo and name of German sportswear company Adidas. Despite this, he has never received a single penny from the company.
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Heroic passer-by smashes car window to save multipack of beer from dying of heat stroke

Peterborough, UK (dpo) - Saved in the nick of time! A man from Peterborough showed real courage today: he saw a multipack of beer which looked certain to die a painful death from heat stroke in a car that was parked in the direct heat of the sun. He acted swiftly to save it, smashing in the front window of the car. Now, Daniel Ruston is even due to receive an award from the City of Peterborough recognising his bravery.
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Trump goes topless on horseback to boost popularity

Washington (dpo) - Donald Trump’s chaotic coronavirus policies have seen his approval ratings drop through the floor – and the President is acutely aware of his popularity problem. In a bid to boost his ratings, the US President has taken some cues from his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, and gone for a topless photo shoot on horseback.
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