Woman ties bell to spider to stop it creeping up and scaring her

Waterloo, Ontario (dpo) - An arachnophobic student from Ontario has discovered an ingenius way to prevent the spider in her flat from creeping up on her – she has tied a small bell to the animal’s leg so she is forewarned when it is on the move and can quickly retreat to safety.
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Genetic engineers breed tofu-flavoured chickens to capture vegetarian market

Tokyo (dpo) - Could this be a revolution for the food market? For the first time, genetic engineers from Tokyo University’s Faculty of Natural Sciences have succeeded in breeding tofu-flavoured chickens. Now, the meat industry is hoping to finally capture the vegetarian market, widely known for its extremely difficult customers.
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+++ Off course: consequences of broken compass are evident +++
+++ Kid napping: child sleeps during hostage taking +++
+++ Sad, a day: man is unhappy before Sunday +++
+++ Just one byte: Eve disappointed by her first Apple +++
+++ Quarter back: Tom Brady sells home for $38,999,999.75 +++
+++ Non-Prophet Organization: Atheists establish social action group +++
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Infant (3) presses charges against uncle for stealing her nose

Munich (dpo) - Three-year-old Katie from Munich is not prepared to put up with this any longer – she reported her uncle Werner S., aged 48, to the police for stealing her nose completely unprovoked. The brazen thief struck in broad daylight, right in front of their parents, only to proudly exclaim afterwards, “I’ve got your nose! I’ve got your nose!”
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Winter in Afghanistan: US combat drones migrate south

Kabul (dpo) - This breathtakingly beautiful natural spectacle takes place every year at around the same time: US combat drones in Afghanistan and parts of Pakistan have begun flying south for the winter.
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Study reveals indicating before turning spoils surprise for other road users

Tübingen, Germany (dpo) - For decades, learner drivers have been lectured on the absolute necessity of indicating before every turn and before overtaking. However, scientists at the Tübingen Institute for Traffic Research have now discovered a downside to using these supposedly useful light signals: indicating apparently spoils the surprise for other road users.
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Mopedwrecked! Man stranded on lonely traffic island for 20 years

Bachem, Germany (dpo) - This morning, an alert lorry driver discovered an unkempt and haggard man on a lonely traffic island near Cologne. The man was immediately transferred to hospital and only later were officials able to ascertain that this was Benno Hansen, who went missing more than 20 years ago. Apparently, aged 16, he had been the victim of a mopedwreck.
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