Man unsure how much to spend on Christmas present after agreeing not to exchange gifts

Vancouver (dpo) - It is quite the conundrum. William McLaughlin from Vancouver is once again facing his annual dilemma: how much money should he spend on his girlfriend Susanne? The problem is that the couple have agreed not to exchange gifts for Christmas. This has ended disastrously for the 29-year-old for the last two years.
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No need to pay attention to traffic anymore: smartphone user gets guide dog

Lübeck (dpo) - It’s a  nuisance familiar to many smartphone users: the inconvenience of looking up from their displays in traffic. Yet Alexander Friesenegger from Lübeck, Germany, has found a way around this problem. The clever 27-year-old decided to get a guide dog, enabling him to surf the internet, play games or video chat to his heart’s content while walking across the city.
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“It’ll all be alright, mate”: man cures friend from depression using one simple sentence

Perth, Australia (dpo) - This is an extraordinary psychological breakthrough. It all happened when a friend of bank employee Manny Paterson opened up to him about his long-term struggle with depression. Manny managed to cure his friend of the illness simply by saying, “It’ll all be alright, mate”. Experts agree that this method could spark a true revolution across the whole field of psychology.
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Halloween horror: severely injured boy, 9, given sweets rather than medical attention

Coventry (dpo) - Poor little Timmy, 9! It all started on Thursday evening, when he fell out of his bedroom window, sustaining a severe laceration which resulted in heavy bleeding. And it all went downhill from there. At this point, 9 year-old Timmy was covered in blood and completely disorientated. He managed to ring several doorbells in an attempt to get help, yet help was not forthcoming. Instead, the residents of these houses simply smiled at him and gave him generous quantities of sweets.
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Brilliant driver clears several miles of traffic jam by sounding horn

London, UK (dpo) - This morning, a Londoner cleared a traffic jam of approximately 20 miles (32 km) in a matter of seconds with his gallant intervention. While other drivers queued helplessly, Andrew Richardson (28) loudly beeped his horn once and gesticulated wildly, which immediately cleared the traffic jam.
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Easier than Brexit: all countries except Great Britain are leaving the EU to form a new alliance

Brussels, London (dpo) - With Great Britain obviously being unable to execute its exit from the European Union in an orderly manner within the planned two years, the other Member States have now decided to take a different, more straightforward route: They want to carry out a so-called EUxit.
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