Survey: people in relationships more prone to cheating than singles

Munich (dpo) - Popular opinion has it that singles are reckless go-getters with ever-changing partners, who have no idea of what the term ‘faithfulness’ actually means. A recent survey is now challenging this long-standing prejudice: according to polling institute Opinion Control, people in relationships cheat significantly more on their partners than do their non-attached counterparts.
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World’s first vegan zoo attracts thousands of visitors

Brisbane, Australia (dpo) - You won’t find any antelopes or polar bears here! This is the world’s first vegan zoo. Today, the Brisbane attraction opened its doors for the very first time and welcomed throngs of guests who will find no animals in this unusual park. Instead, they are able to admire 100% plant-based alternatives.
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More dirt, more inclines: plans to redevelop Anaheim to suit SUVs

Anaheim, Orange County, CA, USA (dpo) - Cities the world over are experiencing a rise in the number of sports utility vehicles or SUVs on their roads. Yet most cities are not suited to this type of vehicle. Anaheim, CA, boasts a particularly high number of SUVs and therefore has plans to replace its roads with the kind of off-road terrain which is ideal for SUVs.
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Toddler turns gay after parents forget to dress him in blue

Dayton, TN (dpo) - Small mistakes can have big consequences. That is something Nellie Sue Ulmer knows all too well. She forgot to include a blue item of clothing when dressing her one-year old son Beau on just one occasion and now he is homosexual.
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+++ Wonder Lion: head of European Commission adopts circus animal +++
+++ Sail: big discount on yacht equipment today! +++
+++ "That can't be Sirius!": astronomy student told she has been observing the wrong star for hours +++
+++ Inch Ale: 2.54cm beer is very popular with American prisoners +++
+++ "Fine!": speedy driver reluctantly pays up +++
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Catholic Church introduces burka for altar servers

Vatican (dpo) - Following the recent virtual Symposium on preventing and healing child sexual abuse, the Catholic Church today announced key measures to tackle the issue going forward, including a stipulation that altar servers don the burka. The concept for this full-body covering was borrowed from another major world religion. Proponents hope that using it in the Church will prevent priests from being enticed into sexual assault.
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Cruel little milk vampires suck life-sustaining fluid from innocent women

Münster, Germany (dpo) - A shocking study on so-called lacto vampirism by the Parazoological Faculty of the University of Münster has caused quite a stir. The study found that thousands of women in Germany alone are under the unholy influence of tiny milk vampires who are both unpredictable and milkthirsty.
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