Archaeologists discover 4,000-year-old Nokia 3310 with just two bars of battery left

Giza (dpo) - A team of archaeologists in Egypt recently made an unusual discovery. When they opened a burial chamber which had been sealed for 4,000 years, they discovered a range of grave goods and, among them, a turned-off Nokia 3310. It is this object which has been puzzling scientists ever since: the battery in the ancient device is only half-charged. Consequently, this is the lowest battery charge level ever measured in this model of mobile phone.
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+++ Was on his niece: incestous uncle begging for pardon +++
+++ Lava's in the air: John Paul Young's career cut short by volcano eruption +++
+++ Barbiecue: man grills fashion doll using equipment intended for playing pool +++
+++ Samsung: Fan remembers "Casablanca" on his first Flatscreen +++
+++ "Suite!": couple enjoys luxurious hotel room +++
+++ Red, used: pharmacy sells second-hand tampons for little money +++
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Woman throws ball correctly

Hamburg (dpo) - Is it a fake or the astounding truth? A YouTube clip published a short while ago has triggered a heated debate. The video shows a young woman in a park who appears to be throwing a ball perfectly. The YouTube comments and several expert panels are now a hotbed of discussion as to whether this is even possible within the laws of physics and medicine.
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“Iran keeps moving country closer to our troops!” warns US

Washington, Tehran (dpo) - Tensions between the governments in Washington, D.C., and Tehran, Iran, are heightening. Now, the USA is accusing Iran of incrementally shifting its national borders closer to US troops, with some service personnel already almost in range of weapons.
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Bone find proves early man lived horizontally beneath the earth

Leicester (dpo) - Our ancestors climbed down from the trees – or did they? When British Archaeologists uncovered the approximately 20,000-year-old body of a man this weekend,  they discovered some astonishing news. The anatomy and position of the body lead them to the conclusion that people back then actually lived beneath the earth, moved horizontally and looked like skeletons. Many textbooks will now have to be re-written.
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Child prodigy: boy discovers senselessness of life at tender age of nine

Coventry, UK (dpo) - Little Timmy, 9, stunned the world with this latest revelation. It seems that this wunderkind has already arrived at a conclusion that most people do not reach until much later in life: he has discovered that life has no meaning.
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Study: shoplifting far cheaper than paying for goods

London (dpo) - Who says crime doesn’t pay? Experts at the international market research company Nielsen Holdings PLC recently discovered that the old adage does not hold true – shoplifting results in considerably less strain on your bank account than the traditional method of paying at the checkout. This ‘five-finger discount’, as it is known, compares particularly favourably against the purchase of more expensive items.
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