Friday 13 January 2017

Donald Trump attacks puddle as “highly overrated” after stepping in it

New York (dpo) – President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter today having just stepped into a puddle in the middle of the road outside Trump Tower in New York. In his Tweet, he blasted the small pool of water, calling it “highly overrated”. He went on to say that although the puddle didn’t know him, it had ruined his day with no provocation whatsoever.

According to eyewitness reports, the incident occurred while the self-proclaimed man with "the best temper" was being escorted from Trump Tower to his nearby limousine. Mr. Trump was talking to members of his entourage when he apparently failed to notice the puddle right in front of him on the sidewalk and then stepped into it with his left foot. It seems no longer than two minutes passed following the incident before Mr. Trump vented his anger online:
Meanwhile, his team sprang into action to defend their boss: “I think the President-elect is absolutely right when he calls that puddle overrated”, Trump’s adviser and spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway explained to NBC News. “This is not a good puddle. A good puddle would have politely gotten out of the way to keep Mr. Trump’s special Wednesday pants clean. I’d say this is a mediocre puddle at best, and many people in this nation agree.”
Conway went on to add that the media should stop obsessing over every word the future President spontaneously tweets to the whole world. They should instead direct their attention to what is actually in Trump’s heart: “If you just pause for a moment and look past everything he has ever said or done, will say or do; or probably is saying or doing right now, then you will find that Mr. Trump is a very well-spoken and considerate man.”
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