Tuesday 31 January 2017

Seven Muslim countries impose entry ban on American drones

Baghdad, Sana’a, Mogadishu (dpo) - Could this be retaliation? US President Donald Trump has imposed an entry ban on citizens of seven Muslim majority countries. Shortly afterwards, affected nations began to respond. Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq and Libya, among others, have instated an entry ban on US drones which came into force with immediate effect.

“Entry rights have been suspended for the following models of drone for 30 days”, stated a spokesperson for the Somali Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “the suspension applies to Predator, Reaper, Raven, Wasp, Global Hawk, T-Hawk, Shadow and Gray Eagle drones. Following this period, we will reassess the situation.”
This follows a study on killer drones which are responsible for hundreds of deaths in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Somalia. The research showed that these drones are exclusively of US origin.
“We do not wish to discriminate, nor throw a blanket suspicion on all drones from Christian countries,” explained Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari. “We are convinced that certain US fighter drones equipped with Hellfire missiles simply want to live peacefully among our citizens.”
Several drones are currently stranded at the borders of these seven countries, having been refused entry. However, there is hope for them: Canada has since offered to take in all stranded drones.
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