Thursday 15 February 2018

Shocking photographic evidence: chemtrails cause forest fires

Berlin (dpo) - Geoengineering, population control, ruining our skies – government use of chemtrails is diverse. Now, new photographic evidence points to blatant use of these controversial chemicals to ignite forest fires.
This newspaper received the above photo from an anonymous source. It shows a plane leaving behind a clearly visible chemical trail, as well as flames and smoke where the trail touches the trees.

If these are supposed to be ‘contrails’, i.e. condensation, it begs the question: since when does water vapour ignite?
If you still think chemtrail activists are conspiracy theorists, this next shocking photo should be enough evidence to make you think again:
It is unclear why governments are now obviously starting forest fires. It could be an underhanded tactic to make chemtrails even more efficient by ensuring that the toxic fumes are no longer inopportunely filtered from the air by those trees. A further possible explanation is that forests are being used as a testing ground with the end goal being to directly ignite humans from the air, decimating the world population. It may be unclear what the masterminds behind the chemtrail programme are aiming for but it is clear from the mounting evidence that they are already causing serious damage.
Next time you see a chemtrail in the sky, follow our advice:
- Run for your life!
- Optional: warn poorly informed members of the public by shouting loudly, “Fire falling from the sky! Take cover!” or similar.
- Take refuge in an enclosed room.
Idea: mbe, ssi, dan; Picture above and below: Shutterstock; Picture in the middle: יחידה אווירית משטרת ישראל, CC BY-SA 3.0; first published 10-01-2017
Read the German version HERE.

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