Monday 31 August 2020

Parents forget own child's name due to lack of tattoo

Hameln, Germany (dpo) - Sandra and Peter Wegner, both 35, are in despair. They had given their child a simple, popular name but today, to their horror, they found that it eluded them. Unlike other new parents, they had never had it tattooed onto their bodies in ornate letters. Unfortunately, their child’s birthday has also escaped their memory, since this information is not stated anywhere on their bodies, either.

Up until now, Peter Wegner always found the practice of parents having their children’s names and dates of birth tattooed on arms, legs or back “somewhat trashy – you often see it at the swimming pool. I have never really understood why people do it, but that’s all fallen into place now.”
This wouldn't have happened with a tattoo like one of these
When the electrical engineer went to wake up his child this morning, he suddenly realised that he did not have the slightest idea what the child was called. “Of course, I immediately asked my wife, thinking she might know, but she didn’t”. No wonder, since Sandra Wegner had also decided against getting a tattoo for aesthetic reasons.
“All I know is that it’s a girl, but I have completely forgotten her name and exact date of birth”, bemoans the office administrator. “From her height, I would guess that she is around two years old, but, of course, that’s just a rough estimate. If only we had had this vital information tattooed somewhere, we wouldn’t be in such a predicament now!” All Mr and Mrs Wegner can do now is choose a new name for their daughter and roughly guess her date of birth. Afterwards, they both plan to visit the nearest tattoo parlour.
ssi; picture above: © JackF -; first published 2017-03-23
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