Wednesday 16 January 2019

UK to dig huge moat along EU border

London (dpo) - The British government continues last-ditch preparations for a no-deal Brexit after the European Commission signalled that it will not allow the UK to continue to enjoy the benefits of EU membership if the country crashes out. The British government is now physically demarcating its territorial border with the EU. As film footage reveals, construction works to build a moat along the entire UK border have begun. The moat is intended to ensure full separation and is expected to be completed by the time the UK officially leaves the EU in March.

This huge-scale British construction project will result in one of the largest moats in history at an average depth of 120 m (approx. 400 ft) with a breadth varying between 34 km (approx. 20 miles) and 248 km (approx. 150 miles). The moat will join the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea, thus automatically filling with water on completion.
This massive project assures the UK’s full geographical separation from the EU. It will also protect the country from uncontrolled immigration and smuggling across the land border.
Mock-up showing finished moat between UK and EU
This audacious plan even has the Queen’s seal of approval. A spokesperson from Buckingham Palace explained that throughout history and centuries of taking refuge in castles and forts the royal family has always had good experiences with defensive moats.
However, not all Brits are happy about the construction project. Critics of Brexit fear that the moat could lead to complete isolation for the UK. One Remainer told us, “I feel cut off, like I’m on an island, whenever I even think about the moat. Whatever next? Driving on the left?”
Meteorologists warn that a moat of this size could have negative effects on the British weather. Potential consequences include increased rainfall and more frequent fog.
Despite these warnings, the British government will not be swayed and has already announced further plans. In order to finalise economic separation, the UK is also to pull out of the EU’s common currency, the Euro, in 2019. It will be replaced by the good old British pound sterling.
fed, dan, ssi; picture above: Shutterstock; first published: 2017-04-03
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