Friday 11 December 2020

Infant (3) presses charges against uncle for stealing her nose

Munich (dpo) - Three-year-old Katie from Munich is not prepared to put up with this any longer – she reported her uncle Werner S., aged 48, to the police for stealing her nose completely unprovoked. The brazen thief struck in broad daylight, right in front of their parents, only to proudly exclaim afterwards, “I’ve got your nose! I’ve got your nose!”

Katie S. can barely believe all this: “I really liked Uncle Werner at the beginning. When he found a coin behind my ear, he gave it to me and I thought that was nice.” But she will not tolerate the nose theft, even more so as her uncle humiliated her further by holding up the stolen goods triumphantly – a fact confirmed by several eye witnesses who attended the family gathering.
In this way, millions of noses are stolen each year in Germany alone
As Katie put it, “even though it did not hurt, I cannot forgive him. I still need my nose to breathe and smell!”
The next day, the three-year-old did not delay. She reported her uncle to the police and the public prosecutor’s office is now pressing charges.
Katie’s lawyer, Dr Karl Plöchinger, thinks they will be very successful. “Nose theft should be punished just as severely as organ theft. I believe imprisonment of no less than five years would be a just sentence for my client’s tormentor.”
This morning, Werner S. was taken into custody. Prior to the arrest, other children in the family also made a statement about their uncle’s nose theft. One of them was apparently even tickled against his will.
ssi; picture above: Isis4563; first published 2017/05/15
Read the German version HERE.
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