Thursday 20 July 2017

Wall between USA and Mexico restricted to height of 2 inches due to budget constraints

Washington (dpo) - The White House has now revealed draft plans for the border wall between Mexico and the USA demanded by President Donald Trump. The most startling revelation was that, in order to keep to the budget of only $12 bn set by Mr Trump during the Presidential campaign, the wall can only reach a maximum of 5 cm (approx. 2 in) in height.

“A wall is a wall”, is the official position in the White House. “The President never set a specific height for it.”
This being one of President Trump’s central campaign promises, the Department of Homeland Security has been feverishly searching for a way to keep such long wall within the estimated budget – the border is 3,144 km (1,954 miles) long.
The first drafts relied on particularly cheap building materials such as cardboard, plywood or old mattresses but these were quickly disregarded as they would disintegrate in the rain or be too easy to knock through. The decision was therefore made to solve the problem of needing to lower costs by building a low wall.
Based on the current design, the wall will be made from reinforced concrete, a solution which the US government hails as reconciling the highest build quality and fiscal responsibility. Safety is still top priority – the foundations for the 5 cm wall are to be sunk almost 2 m (approx. 2 yds) into the ground to prevent tunnelling. Barbed wire will also be used to make it impossible to scale the wall using ladders.
In order to prevent drug runners from throwing packages over the wall and other attacks, watchtowers manned with border guards are to be installed at intervals of 2 km (approx. 1¼ miles). These towers are to measure 15 cm (approx. 6 in) in height.
President Trump tweeted:
As early as next week, the President is expected to attend festivities in person and witness the laying of the first building blocks.
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