Tuesday 7 September 2021

Tailgate in comfort: BMW introduces automatic headlight flasher with proximity sensor

Munich (dpo) - At the international automobile convention in Munich, the Bavarian car manufacturer introduced a new feature which will especially appeal to drivers who constantly feel pressed for time. A headlight designed especially for tailgating on the motorway now provides a comfortable and automated way to inform the driver of the car in front that the BMW driver wishes to overtake. 

Until now, BMW drivers were forced into complicated guesstimations of the distance to the car in front when trying to flash their headlights at exactly the right moment. With these new ‘tailgating front lights’, this procedure has now been fully automated and thus allows for a completely new and much more relaxed tailgating experience. The front lights are twice as bright as conventional car headlights and fit in subtly with the overall design of the front headlamps.
A computerized automatic system directs the tailgating light toward the rear view mirror of the vehicle in front at all times. However, there is, of course, always the option for the driver to make fine adjustments manually using the operating controls on the steering wheel.
The feature works as follows: optimum tailgating distance is detected by the car on approach to a slower vehicle ahead. This varies according to your speed from around 10 cm or 4 in to around 100 m or 110 yds. The headlight then automatically flashes as a signal to the driver ahead that they are obviously moving too slowy. As the distance decreases, the frequency of the headlamp flasher speeds up automatically to make sure that the driver to be overtaken cannot misread the BMW driver’s intention. Additionally, when the gap drops to ten metres (10.9 yd), the left flash is activated automatically.
The Munich based car manufacturer is not at all worried about this new feature passing the final test administered by the German technical inspection association. According to a spokesperson, the approval is a mere formality. Any doubts about the tailgating light being dangerously reflected by the car in front and blinding the BMW driver have been dispelled already in tests conducted by BMW themselves.
The car manufacturer has announced that the new feature will go into series production as early as the end of this year. Accordingly, BMW drivers are asked to show patience for once, hang back and give the company some room to manoeuvre rather than pressurising HQ into launching the product prematurely.
fed, ssi, dan; picture [M]: imago/Jochen Tack; first published 2017-07-31
Read the German version HERE.
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