Wednesday 15 December 2021

Poolside drama: man falls 3 m from top of rickety structure

Melbourne, Australia (dpo) - A terrible accident has taken place at a swimming pool in Melbourne. According to eye witnesses, an obviously deranged young man climbed up a 3 m (almost 10 ft) tower and subsequently plunged head first into the depths below.

A bewildered fellow swimmer reported, “This tower is just standing there completely unsecured! And as if that was not reckless enough, there is even a ladder attached!”
Eye witness reporting to The Postillon
The man climbed all the way to the top of the tower dressed only in swimming trunks. He then proceeded along a board sticking out from the top of the tower though it appeared highly unstable and swayed visibly beneath him. “The board was swaying so much that it made the poor guy jump up and down”, another pool visitor explained. “Then, he fell off the tower in a high arch, elegantly somersaulting twice.”
If this wobbly construction had not, by sheer chance, been located inches away from a swimming pool full of water to absorb the shock of the fall, the incident would likely have ended in tragedy. Luckily, the man re-emerged at the surface after just a few seconds.
According to eye witnesses, the man seemed to have been so shocked that he climbed the tower twice more, flinging himself into the water again on both occasions.
ssi; first published 2017-10-17
Read the German version HERE.
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