Thursday 5 October 2017

Trump issues travel ban on US citizens in wake of Las Vegas attack

Washington (dpo) - Finally, American politics is dealing with the people group which poses the greatest threat of terrorism. Following the deaths of 59 people in a massacre which injured a further 527 in Las Vegas, President Donald Trump has issued a provisional travel ban which applies to all US citizens.

“This terrible act shows us once again just how dangerous these people are”, Trump lamented at the signing of Executive Order 13812 which brought the travel ban into effect. “These are not nice people. This year alone, US citizens have shot well over 10,000 American citizens. We cannot let any more of these bad guys into our country.”
Trump also took to Twitter:
Initially, the ban will stay in effect for 120 days, prohibiting those in possession of US citizenship from entering the USA until further notice. Scenes of chaos have erupted at US airports in the time since the document was signed. Tens of thousands of Americans have been prevented from entering the country by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and must assume they will be deported. American holidaymakers returning home, US citizens working abroad and US troops stationed abroad wishing to visit family members are the worst affected.
To Trump, this is all small fry. The President even passed the buck to his predecessor, blaming him in a tweet for the presence of so many US citizens in the USA.
Even those US citizens already living in the USA can expect to undergo thorough checks by the security services in the coming days and weeks. This is part of a broader package of measures designed by the Trump administration to improve the USA’s security in the face of the threat from US citizens. This includes:
- A wall on the southern border to prevent US citizens from entering the country via Mexico.
- Using information in international databases to gain intelligence on US citizens’ criminal activities.
- Increased racial profiling by the police, who will be expected to primarily stop and search US citizens.
- An accelerated deportation process for US citizens convicted of crime.
- Absolutely no stricter gun-control laws because firearms have nothing at all to do with the fact that tens of thousands of US citizens shoot one another every year.
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