Thursday 30 December 2021

80% of all children are not suitable for toys according to consumer organisation

New York (dpo) - The United States based non-profit organisation Consumer Reports has tested 1,000 children – and with alarming results. The tests showed that more than 80% of children between the ages of two and ten are completely unsuitable for toys and simply break everything. For the test, 1,000 children were left alone to play in a room full of toys, such as Matchbox cars, Lego bricks, Nintendo consoles and cuddly toys.

After just four hours, most of the toys were broken or at least slightly damaged.
Average toy after falling into the hands of a child
“These results are devastating, especially for couples who want to have children”, test director Dr Ruth Rimba explains. “Even inconspicuous-looking children caused serious damage to robust toys. Children are particularly bad news for breakable toys from China since they put everything into their mouths and dissolve the protective coatings and glue with their saliva.”
Only very few children are safe for toys. However, these children are the kind of dull and bland specimens which are unpopular with adults. Consumer Reports therefore recommends that if you love your toys, you should refrain from having children.
ssi; picture above: © katyspichal -; first published 2017-11-3
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