Monday 24 February 2020

Woman starts prowling nasty places at night as pepper spray approaches expiry date

Durban, South Africa (dpo) - It is a desperate fight against time: Sylvia Tucker recently discovered that the pepper spray she keeps in her handbag is close to its expiry date. She has therefore started to lurk in some of the most dangerous areas of Durban each night, hoping someone will attempt to attack or sexually assault her before the end of the month.

Ms Tucker explained to the Postillon how her late-night prowls came about, “Last Thursday, I pulled the spray out of my handbag by accident – I’ve never used it – and saw the expiry date. To my horror, I realised that I’ve only got til the end of this month to use it. And since this stuff cost me 10 bucks three years ago, I’m not about to just chuck it out now!”
Needs using: pepper spray
The thrifty student, thought, does not want anyone to get hurt so using the spray after its expiry date is not an option. That is why Ms Tucker now prowls through dubious alleys and neighbourhoods, but to her dismay, she has not yet been attacked.
“Where are all the muggers and predators when you need them?” Tucker complains. “Recently, I met four guys in hoodies with covered faces and what did they do? They kindly asked me the way! They didn’t even make fun of me.” Sylvia Tucker intends to continue trying her luck over the next few nights. However, if all else fails and come 28 February nobody has attacked her, she plans to just “spray the first person who comes along”.
ssi; picture above: © Gina Sanders -, picture on the right: Repat, CC BY-SA 3.0; first published 2018-02-19
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