Friday 9 August 2019

Trump proposes arming guns so they can defend themselves against being used in killing sprees

Washington, DC (dpo) - 30 people died in America’s most recent mass shootings, which took place in Texas and Ohio. Naturally, this has once more turned public attention to what politicians can do to prevent such disasters in future. Today, it was Donald Trump’s turn to present his solution: the President proposes arming all guns so they are able to defend themselves from being used by mentally ill shooters.

“Guns are the real victims of killing sprees,” explained President Trump in a speech to traumatised survivers and relatives, “they are usually completely helpless to resist these shooters who force them to kill people.”
The only way to nip a killing spree in the bud is therefore to arm the guns. “Those guns can intervene and prevent the situation from escalating. And they can do that faster than any armed security guard or policeman. They are there on the scene really from the first shot.” A smug grin crept across Trump’s face as he reached his next point: “Just imagine, the look on this guy’s, this shooter’s, face when his own gun opens fire on him!”
President Trump also tweeted his plans:
Shares in several arms manufacturers skyrocketed in the hours following the President’s speech. No wonder – requiring every gun to be armed with a further gun could double sales.
Then, there is the software which the arms manufacturers are currently developing. This would allow a gun to recognise when it is being used in a killing spree and to know when to fire upon its owner.
The NRA gun lobby welcomes the President’s plans. A press release stated: “We support President Trump’s proposal – not least because we told him to propose it.”
Immediately following this announcement from the NRA, Republicans and large sections of the Democratic Party confirmed they would support a bill requiring guns to be armed in this way. In addition, the Second Amendment is to be amended to include “the right of arms to bear arms.”
dan, ssi; picture rifle: Steve Rainwater, CC BY-SA 2.0 ; first published 2018-02-24 and modified due to recent events
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