Monday, 5 November 2018

Disturbed man looks out of bus window and not at phone

Sydney (dpo) - What a scary sight! Numerous social media posts today revealed that a man was caught looking out of the window for several minutes on a bus in Sydney rather than staring at his smartphone like a normal person. The posts in question came from passengers who were worried by the episode as the man appeared to be deeply disturbed.

A witness describes the uncanny scene on Facebook: “I was just about to take a selfie when I noticed this creepy guy in the background 😱 No phone, no headphones! He was just looking out at the street as if he was watching fail videos or looking at celeb pics. So I filmed him and posted this video on every social network.”
This is how normal people behave on a bus
Consequently, the other passengers on the bus learned of their ‘creepy’ fellow passenger via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in no time at all. Some even took pictures of the man, others stared even more intently at their phones so as not to provoke him. “Why is this guy even allowed on the streets?” asks an unsettled female user, “Just to be on the safe side, I got off five stops early so I could get away from him. Someone who behaves like that in public is probably capable of anything.”
A barrage of requests from concerned Sydney residents prompted NSW police to announce that they will be maintaining a greater presence on buses and trains over the coming days. Officers hope this will enable them to track down and confront this apparently dangerous man before he does anyone any harm.
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