Tuesday 18 October 2016

Study: four out of five first person shooter gamers too fat for shooting spree

Berlin (dpo) - A new study initiated by the Department of Health and Justice was presented in Berlin today and could put an end to the hysterics about the dangers of so-called "first person shooter" once and for all. The study shows that almost 80 percent of all young consumers of first person shooters are too fat for a killing spree – and it doesn’t look good for the remainder, either.
"Even though First-Person-Shooters like Halo, Medal of Honor and Call of Duty regularly lead to an increased surge of adrenaline, the actual calorie consumption is still astonishingly low", Prof. Friedrich Willer, lead researcher explained to the Postillon. "Add to this the fact that the average power gamer is usually living on fast food, crisps and soft drinks high in sugar".
Profile shot of a first person shooter player
If such an overweight outsider decides against all likelihood to embark on a shooting spree in a school, he’d be so exhausted after a few minutes – or after the first change of magazine – that he’d need a break for a quarter of an hour, or even a medipack containing an asthma inhaler. For the majority of the study group, even getting to the site would be too strenuous.
The study also tells us that the few hardcore first person shooter gamers who do not suffer from obesity are still completely unfit for killing sprees because of an utterly wrong perception of reality: "If their rifle should fall from their hands because of recoil, which is something that's completely irrelevant in first person shooter, they would always try to take it up again by merely walking over it", said Willer.
By the time a gamer had gained enough strength to go on shooting or else realized that he actually had to bend down to pick his rifle up again, he would probably have become the tragic victim of a so-called "final shot" by the police.
ssi; picture above: Dejan Stanic Micko / Shutterstock, picture on the right: FatM1ke, CC BY-SA 3.0
Read the German Version HERE.
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