Wednesday 9 November 2016

Historic victory: Donald Trump first clown to take White House

New York (dpo) - He did it! Following a historic election in the USA, Donald Trump is declared the winner. For the first time in history, a clown will move into the White House. Before the election, political scientists had expressed doubts as to whether America was truly ready to accept a clown as President.
Trump’s comedy wig, rusty red nose and timeless slapstick have brought laughter to young and old for years. Perhaps that is why many first thought his candidacy for the office of US President to be another dazzling performance by the lovable millionaire.
That was the funny man’s chance to show the world how serious he can be. This he did with the support of the clown community in the US. Fizbo Simmons, chair of the American Clown Society can still barely believe it. “Today we have achieved what the comedians achieved with George W. Bush in 2000. Now nobody will laugh at us anymore!” Fizbo enthuses. “Would you like to smell my flower?“
Donald Trump’s victory hit hard for his opponent Hillary Clinton. She too wanted to go down in history – but it seems America just was not ready for its first robot president.
dan, ssi; picture: Albert H. Teich / 
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