Thursday 23 September 2021

Disgusting! Compulsive hoarder (83) stored hundreds of bottles of decades-old wine in cellar

Koblenz (dpo) – In Harald D.'s cellar, it was difficult to even turn around in former years. The vault was filled up to the ceiling with wine bottles that were partly several decades old. Now, the children of the 83-years-old compulsive clutterer had enough: they had the cellar cleared out by a professional firm.
"As far as I can think back, my father has always hoarded bottles – here is, for example, ahem, a 'Mouton Rothschild 1945', whatever that's supposed to mean", explains Susanne G., his eldest daughter. "He spent all his money on wine and then simply let it rot away in wooden racks. It was like a compulsion." All attempts at helping Harald D. failed. However, as the 83-years-old cannot look after his home alone anymore, his daughter is taking drastic measures.
Away with the old swill!
Yesterday, a professional firm disposed of the nearly 2.100 bottles. "He was screaming and raging, as if the dusty bottles of ancient swill were some valuable treasures. That's so typical of a chronically disorganized person. I'm really glad he isn't weighed down by this burden anymore." The disposal workers, though, find the "collection" very fascinating. "Some of the labels sound real funny. 'Château d'Yquem 1949' – like, what on earth?!", one of them jokes. "Sometimes, you're tempted to take a swig, but if that stuff has really been rotting away in the dark, it's all spoiled anyway."
Meanwhile, Harald D.'s family have already decided on their next "disposal project": the attic. According to Susanne G., thousands of old stamps are stored there, which have long lost validity and should also be removed. "Especially this yellowed blue stamp from Mauretania or so has been a thorn in my side", she said.
dan, ssi; picture [M]: Fotolia / Patrycja Zadros /, picture on the right: Frederik Vandaele, CC BY 2.0; first published 25/11/16
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