Friday 8 June 2018

Mexico starts work on huge tunnels along US border

Tijuana (dpo) - What is Mexico’s endgame? Widespread media reporting has today shown construction workers contracted by the Mexican government clearly starting work on huge tunnels at several points along the US border.

Each site is located just a few 100 yards from the border. Diggers and construction vehicles are hard at work moving earth, yet it is currently not clear where the tunnels will lead and the government refused to answer questions from the media.
Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto is quoted as saying, “It’s nobody’s business. We can dig as many tunnels as we like in our own country. The infrastructure plans we are working on in Mexico, on our own territory, have nothing to do with anybody else.”
Inside sources reveal that some of the tunnels are expected to be several miles long based on the amounts of construction materials purchased. Blueprints were leaked to the Postillon, allowing us to create this image of how the completed tunnels might look:
Several state-subsidised paragliding schools have also appeared on high ground in the area, as well as companies offering trips in captive balloons, “so that Mexican citizens can better enjoy the particular natural features of the region”, according to an official statement.
The Mexican government remains secretive as to the purpose of this mammoth construction project but not about its funding: “the USA will bear the cost of the tunnels”, explains Peña Nieto.
ssi, dan; first published 2017-01-26
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