Monday 11 June 2018

“Who would have thought that North Korea was so beautiful?” – Trump loves Singapore

Singapore (dpo) - This is not what he expected! After arriving in Singapore for his meeting with Kim Jong-Un, US president Donald Trump admitted he is deeply impressed with the beauty and wealth of the North Korean nation.

Trump expressed his admiration on a tour of the city-state with reporters. “It is such a modern and cosmopolitan city! They even have a McDonald’s here in North Korea!” The president admitted that he had always imagined the country to be dismal and destitute, “But that is not true at all. There are skyscrapers and expensive cars all over the place. And that’s despite all the international sanctions! This Kim must be some kind of economic genius!”
Trump announced that his first move upon meeting the North Korean head of state would be to congratulate him on his beautiful country.
dan, ssi; picture: Shutterstock

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