Friday 6 July 2018

Trump wants to deport American Indians to India

Washington (dpo) - As part of his plan to improve national security and combat illegal immigration, US President Donald Trump intends to send around 3 million American Indians back to where they came from – India. He is to sign an executive order to this effect this week.

In an interview with Fox News, President Trump described Indians living in the USA as lawless warriors with a history of attacking and killing US citizens. He claimed, “I’ve seen it in all kinds of TV documentaries. Horrible attacks on good Americans using hatchets or bows and arrows. You can’t trust these Indians.”
President Trump consulted with the appropriate members of the government and found that most Indians do not possess the relevant immigration documents. “That means they are here illegally. I had to act.”
Further criticism is to be found on the President’s Twitter account:
He also tweeted:
The White House has announced that Indians will be given a three month period in which to leave the country. India is to pay for their flights.
fed, dan ssi; first published 2017-02-03
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