Thursday 12 July 2018

Darn it! Thai boys disappear back into cave in search of forgotten ball

Chiang Rai (dpo) - How annoying! Thai boys’ football team the Wild Boars had only just been rescued by an international team of aid workers when the whole team descended back into Tham Luang cave. All because one of the boys realised that they had left their ball behind. Now they are trapped again.

One nurse reports, “They were so happy to finally be safe! But then one of them blurted, ‘Where’s our ball?’ and nobody had a clue.” Not long afterwards, the nurse left the room and when she returned, she found that all twelve young athletes were gone. They had a left a note reading, “Just gone to get our ball. Back soon.”
It is now clear that the boys returned to the cave were they were trapped for 17 days. They must have made their way through more than 4 km of cave systems, some of which is underwater, to get back to the spot where they lost their ball.
The rescue team ought to have been aware of the ball’s significance to the boys. After all, they are a football team and need the ball to train.
“Unfortunately, they are now completely exhausted and unable to exit the cave by themselves,” sighs one rescue worker, “we will do everything within our power to extract these boys from the cave once more and this time we will make sure that we pick up all of their belongings with them.”
ssi, dan; picture above: Thai Navy SEALs, picture below: Shutterstock
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