Monday 20 July 2020

IT experts name Mb2.r5oHf-0t as world’s safest password

Hamburg (dpo) - Hacked accounts, security gaps, email data theft: more and more people are justifiably concerned about their password security. However, this could soon come to an end. Today, Europe’s largest association of hackers, the Chaos Computer Club, officially selected Mb2.r5oHf-0t as the world’s safest password. This follows tests in which all common passphrase finder programmes failed to identify this password due to its sophisticated character string.

“The string in Mb2.r5oHf-0t is simply perfect: it contains both upper and lower case characters, as well as punctuation and digits, but with no two characters of the same category next to one another at any point”, enthuses Malte Winkler of CCC. “It is therefore fair to say that by using Mb2.r5oHf-0t, you are absolutely safe. Guaranteed.” This password also achieves top scores when evaluated using common measurement tools for password security.
Concerned Internet users are advised to change all account passwords to Mb2.r5oHf-0t as soon as possible.
ssi; first pubished 2018-06-29
Read the German version HERE.
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