Monday 13 July 2020

Cannabis lethal: 91 year-old dies 14 days after smoking joint

Exeter, UK (dpo) - Is cannabis really that dangerous? A recent case in Devon has rekindled the debate. It was apparently due to his use of the drug that a 91-year-old man died just 14 days after smoking a joint.

“We are terribly sad”, laments his granddaughter (41). “I have always worried that granddad might fall victim to this terrible drug. After all, I think he had been smoking pot on and off since he was a teenager.”
Meanwhile, doctors have successfully managed to reconstruct the man’s final days after the fatal joint. In the hours immediately after consuming the drug, it seems the napped on his sofa, before later carrying on with his daily routine. However, only 20,160 minutes later, the pensioner’s body suddenly ceased functioning during an afternoon nap. By the time help arrived, it was too late.
In the wake of this horrible event, the government has announced plans to further reform drugs legislation including the introduction of an even stricter ban on cannabis.
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