Thursday 9 March 2017

Promise kept: Trump has drained the swamp in Washington to build a golf course

Washington (dpo) – Today, Donald Trump delivered on one of his most prominent campaign promises: he announced that a swamp in Washington D.C. has been drained to build a new golf course. “People kept telling me I couldn’t do it”, said the President, standing on the dry patch of land which is soon to be an 18-hole golf course for Washington’s elite. “But here I am. Another promise kept!”

Draining the swamp was one of Donald Trump’s most prominent campaign promises:

The draining of these wetlands is a welcome success story for the new administration. “I think it’s gonna be so great ”, boasted Trump in front of an excited crowd. “Finally the forgotten men and women of our country will see beautiful green grass on this previously soggy piece of land. I told you I was going to drain that swamp! Soon all the billionaires in my cabinet will be able to enjoy a round of golf right here in D.C. without having to drive all the way to the Trump National Golf Club in Potomac Falls.”
According to Washington insiders, the construction of the golf course is only the first of a whole series of campaign promises the President plans to fulfil in the coming weeks. Today, sources inside the White House confirmed that next, President Trump is planning to appoint a special prosecutor to convict and lock up a frail, limping 28-year-old farm horse from Delaware named Crooked Hillary.
dan; picture: Shutterstock
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