Wednesday 11 May 2022

Record high visitor numbers for spa advertising gluten-free air

Bad Rabenwalde, Germany (dpo) - The owners of the spa resort in question are swamped with bookings. The mention of “gluten-free air” in an advertising leaflet resulted in visitors swarming to rural German spa resort of Bad Rabenwalde.

Hotel manager Albert Schlowinski explains he is over the moon that the number of nights sold in his hotel Relaxia Center & Spa Bad Rabenwalde per month has risen from 2,500 to over 20,000. All since a new leaflet proclaimed “100% gluten free air” to be a special feature of the spa resort. “Of course, we had an independent lab confirm that our air actually is gluten free. And we are only charging our guests a 50% premium for this exciting benefit.”
The leaflet is part of an image campaign specifically addressing the requirements of urban target groups – with growing success, as Schlowinski observes. “Last Sunday, our booking system crashed due to data overload after we posted a certificate on our website confirming that the mineral water from our local spring is 100% lactose free!”
Previously, Schlowinski had applied for vegan certification for the air in Bad Rabenwalde, but to no avail. “Unfortunately, this did not work out since lab analyses revealed that our air contains trace amounts of both insect and bird meat.”
bep (koj); picture: Shutterstock; first published 2018-08-14
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