Friday 21 April 2017

North Korea threatens ultimate threat if world does not take threats seriously

Pjöngjang (dpo) - Renewed sabre-rattling in North Korea as dictator Kim Jong-un announces on state television that if pushed, he would be willing to use the most dreadful threat of all time. This applies if the international community does not start to take notice of North Korea’s threats to date. Military experts are taking the threat of the threat seriously since nobody knows the full scale of North Korea’s arsenal of intimidating statements.

Kim Jong-un is quoted as saying, “All threats ever issued pale in comparison to this threat. It is the mother of all threats. I am prepared to use it against our enemies if all existing sanctions against North Korea are not immediately repealed!”
Kim Jong-un inspecting his army’s latest tanks
According to a statement by the North Korean news agency KCNA, 1,000 scientists spent 50 years developing this threat. Over 900 of them died in the process.
No one is certain of the exact content of the threat. However, military experts suspect a threat on the scale of ‘destroying the sun’ or ‘employing genetically modified laser tigers’.
Other experts, with a more philosophical leaning, posit that threatening the mother of all threats is, in itself, the mother of all threats. In this case, the scale of the terror is limited only by the recipient’s own imagination.
The USA and South Korea reacted to the news this lunchtime. The Defence Ministers of these allied nations threatened North Korea, saying that if the country should go through with its threat and employ the mother of all threats, they will immediately threaten exactly the same – but twice as bad.
ssi; Fotos: KCNA
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