Tuesday 2 May 2017

Concern in US as North Korea produces photo of new super destroyer

Pyongyang (dpo) – North Korea may once again have the edge in a conflict with the USA. Today, the North Korean military published a photograph of a cutting-edge nuclear battleship. Even the smallest calibre weapons on board are reported to be easily capable of pulverising American battleships and aircraft carriers.

According to data from the North Korean government, the Admiral Kim Jong-Un nuclear cruiser is 999 m long, or three times as long as the USA’s largest aircraft carrier. This gigantic battleship has space for 23,000 troops and if the North Korean ruler is to be believed, it is equipped with the most modern weapons imaginable. The cannons shoot laser atomic bombs which are vastly superior to any known weapons used by the USA. The largest weapon on board is a nuclear nerve gas TNT rocket launcher with the destructive power of 11 mega-suns.
The picture is a source of concern in the USA. President Donald Trump has instructed all US fleets travelling in the direction of the Korean peninsula to keep their distance. This precautionary measure will remain in place until the Pentagon has authenticated the photograph.
Concerns are also growing as experts have identified a suspicious shadow down the left-hand edge of the picture. Evidently, the North Koreans may have managed to breed giants over a mile tall who carry huge spears as weapons.
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