Tuesday 15 September 2020

The value of x to be fixed at 5 once and for all

Bonn (dpo) - This news is guaranteed to delight maths grouches all over the world! Determining the value of x is the goal in countless mathematical problems and now the world-renowned Max Planck Institute for Mathematics has finally fixed it at 5 exactly.

Experts estimate that every year, this could save up to one billion hours of calculation work worldwide. “Generations of schoolchildren, university students, physicists and mathematicians have struggled to find the value of x time and again”, explains Professor Benedikt Rascop of the Max Planck Institute. “As soon as they finally get to the value of x, the next equation is already lurking around the corner and the tedious work begins again.”
To put an end to this nuisance, the Institute gathered the values of x in several thousand equations over the last 100 years and approximated an average value of 5.14929131.
“Since this number is rather complex, we rounded it down”, explains a content Rascop. His team of scientists also decided on exact values for the letters a (1), b (3), n (10), y (2) and z (29), as in mathematics, they tend to be equally hard to determine. Due to this ground-breaking fixing of unknowns, maths lessons from junior school onwards will now be cut down to just one single lesson and replaced by more useful subjects. Several mathematicians working in the fields of science and economics now fear for their jobs. Rascop’s terse comment on the matter: “These people are really taking the potential consequences to the 10th degree. Anyone with enough 5 factor has nothing to worry about.”
ssi; picture: © lightpoet - Fotolia.com; first published 2017-04-17
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