Tuesday 22 September 2020

Meat industry launches world’s first pork and beef smoothie

Cologne (dpo) - Finally, there is a trendy new drink for keen carnivores and vegophobes! A butchers’ cooperative has come together to produce the first pork and beef smoothie. The smoothie is due be in mass production from June and will then be available in numerous supermarkets.

“Our market research has shown that the classic fruit and vegetable smoothies are mainly consumed by vegetarians and vegans”, says Manfred Hellweg from the butcher’s shop Hellweg & Son. “We now want to make this unique drink experience available to committed carnivores, too.” To this end, the Hellweg’s family business collaborated with others to develop a smoothie containing 45% pork and 45% beef. The final 10% is poultry blood to produce the correct consistency, as well as a pleasant poultry flavour in the finish. The new smoothie is best served cold with a straw.
The high protein content makes meat smoothies ideal for athletes.
“The recipe for the drink is actually quite simple, as is the preparation”, Hellweg continues. The first taste tests with customers have already taken place and the testers were delighted. Customers can even choose rare, medium or well done options for each ingredient depending on their preference.
More meat smoothies are planned for the future. The butchers’ cooperative is currently working on a purely poultry drink (chicken, turkey and pheasant). Even more exotic flavours will soon be available, including goat, chick and horse, and a Bratwurst smoothie.
For the time being, the company wishes to concentrate on marketing these ready-made smoothies to supermarkets. In the long run, however, there are plans for a weekly “meat box” delivery service, Manfred Hellweg reveals. “The box contains just the right amounts of raw meat so anyone can easily mix their own fresh smoothies in next to no time.”
pfg; pictures [M]: Shutterstock; first published 2017-04-11
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