Thursday 25 March 2021

Doctors find fully preserved skeleton inside man’s body

Meppen, Germany (dpo) - What a chilling discovery! During a routine examination, doctors at the Ludmillenstift hospital in Meppen discovered a fully preserved skeleton in the body of a 45-year-old roofer. Now police are trying to work out where the bones came from. So far, even violent crime has not been ruled out.

It all started innocently enough: “Mr Benno F. presented at the hospital complaining of pain in his elbow,” the attending physician Dr. Bracksen told The Postillon. “The cause of the pain was not obvious from an external examination, so I took the decision to X-ray the patient.” However, Bracksen and his colleagues were in for a true shock when they discovered that Benno F.’s arm contained bones – human bones!
Benno F.: the man with a skeleton inside his body
“We then took further X-rays and little by little, we discovered that there was a fully preserved skeleton inside his body,” Dr. Bracksen went on. “It must have been there for quite some time as you could clearly see the white in the bones, pointing towards an advanced stage of decay.” The hospital immediately informed the police of this gruesome find. During his police interrogation, Benno F., who is currently in custody, steadfastly insisted that he had no idea as to how the skeleton could have got inside his body. The prosecution’s view on the matter differs, though. They believe that a crime was deliberately disguised, especially since the human remains are so evenly spread throughout Mr. F.’s body. As prosecutor Heiko Müller says, “We cannot be expected to believe that Mr F. was born with a skeleton of this size inside his body.”
At least the initial findings have come in about the proprietor of the bones. From the x-rays, doctors know that the skeleton must belong to a man in his mid-forties. Advanced bone erosion hints towards a ‘truly backbreaking job’ during the victim’s lifetime, maybe on a building site. Could the bones even belong to one of Mr F.’s colleagues?
According to the prosecution, only excavation of the bones could provide further explanation. For this, they must first be removed from Benno F.’s body during a major surgical intervention. Afterwards, the true cause of death will be determined during a full post mortem of the skeleton.
ssi; picture above: © IvicaNS -; first published 2017-07-04
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