Thursday 15 April 2021

Fakir manages to eat just one single potato crisp in whole bag

New Delhi (dpo) - No one has ever accomplished this before: today, live on camera, Indian fakir Haripal Viswansani managed to eat just one single crisp out of a freshly opened bag! Afterwards, he sat in silence for several hours without reaching for more crisps.

“This guy is absolutely incredible”, an eyewitness exclaimed. “I have watched Viswansani walk over glowing coals, lie on a bed of nails and have his cheeks pierced with wooden skewers, but this just tops everything.” Merely watching him seemed to torture some onlookers to such an extent they could not bear it any longer and had to go and buy bags of crisps at the nearest supermarket.
The average person struggles to stop even after a whole packet
But how on earth did the 56-year-old ascetic accomplish this incredible feat? According to psychologist Marina Rothermel, what most onlookers believe to be supernatural powers is in fact just down to training: “Fakirs like Viswansani can spend weeks concentrating on a single task like ‘do not eat more than one crisp’ and ignore everything else going on around them”, she explains. Even Haripal Viswansani almost died of fatty degeneration of the heart when training, since he emptied up to 130 packets of crisps a day practising before he finally mastered the trick.
Only after four hours and 32 minutes was the fakir overcome with the craving for the second crisp and subsequently emptied the whole remainder of the bag in about 20 seconds.
dan, ssi; pictures: Shutterstock; first published 2017-07-27
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