Thursday 22 April 2021

Boom in property market: homeless man sells cardboard box in central Dublin for €230,000

Dublin (dpo) - Hugh O'Reilly has made his fortune – today, this homeless man from Dublin sold his cardboard box in the city centre to a businessman for €230,000. The ongoing boom in the housing market caused by the pandamic is the reason why Mr O'Reilly was able to achieve such a good price for his abode, which measures just 1.5 m².

“I am totally gobsmacked”, the 53-year-old explains with tears in his eyes. “Of course, I was aware of the rising prices on the property market. But my box is situated right next to a noisy ventilation shaft so originally my estate agent told me that I could only get around €160,000 to €170,000 for it.”
If only he had waited for a few more weeks, he could have sold for €300,000
It did not take long, though, before several prospective buyers were fighting over the property: a prefabricated single-storey dwelling with eco-friendly insulation, built in 2019 and available to move in immediately.
“The folding roof and contemporary, narrow windows alone probably pushed up the value by 70%”, reckons property expert Amelia Brown.
In the end, the auction was won by a management consultant who was instantly captivated by the property’s central location. He is planning to live there with his family of four and their dog. The proud new homeowner enthuses, “We have been looking for a place for five years. On viewing the property I knew straight away that we would not find anything better for the price”.
ssi, dan; picture below: Shutterstock; first published 2018-09-12
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