Friday 17 June 2022

Automobile Club advises: always provide foil if leaving pet in parked car

Madrid (dpo) - Due to the current heat wave sweeping Spain and other parts of Europe, the Royal Automobile Club of Spain is urging all drivers to be especially careful when parking their vehicle in the blazing sun. Dog or cat owners who leave their pets in the car should always ensure they line their seat with foil.

“With the current temperatures across Europe, not following this advice could lead to unsightly stains or residues on the seats”, explains a spokesperson for the Real Automóvil Club de España. “In the worst case scenario, the seats may need to be completely reupholstered afterwards.”
Foil can also be used to protect children’s car seats
However, for certain durable types of seat covering, such as synthetic leather, it may be sufficient to use a generously coating of sunflower oil, butter or other cooking oil. A further tip from the car experts: if you do not want the inside of your car to smell of burning on the return journey, check back after a maximum of 20 minutes or simply turn your pet occasionally. That should produce the delicious aroma of a roast meal. You can also further refine the result simply by leaving vegetables in the car as well.
Getting the wine right is crucial, too. Match your cat with a demi-sec or dry white wine but to complement your dog, you should go for a sweet red or rosé. However, do not store the wine in your car. “It would obviously become far too hot – but that’s just common sense”, points out the spokesperson.
dan, ssi; picture above: Shutterstock; first published 2017-07-18
Read the German version HERE.
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