Monday, 5 August 2019

NRA sends gift basket with "consolation weapons" to relatives of El Paso and Dayton shootings

El Paso / Dayton (dpo) - A truly noble gesture in difficult times: just one day after the terrible weekend in which two mass shootings left 29 people dead, the National Rifle Association (NRA) have presented the relatives of the casualties with a small gift. As a consolation for their loss, the families of each victim received a gift basket with a varied mixture of local weapon specialities.

The consolation weapons are pleasantly arranged; the bottom space of the basket is filled with ammunition. There is a card attached saying "this basket intends to be a little help for the relatives of the tragedy in El Paso and Dayton to which neither the lax national weapons legislation nor the NRA have contributed at all. Heartfelt condolences."
According to a spokesperson of the gun lobby, the NRA gift baskets are very popular. Just this year, almost 17,500 baskets have been sent to relatives of firearm victims.
ssi, dan; picture [M]: Shutterstock; please note: similar to a previously published article covering the Las Vegas Strip shooting (2017-10-09)
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