Thursday 2 May 2019

Court rules self-defence in GoT spoiler killing

St Albans (dpo) - A woman stood in St Albans Crown Court accused of manslaughter after killing her husband to stop him telling her what happens in a Game of Thrones episodes she had not yet watched. Today, the court ruled that she had acted in self-defence.

The judge presiding over the case stated that he believed the 35 year old’s actions to be logical and rational. He justified the ruling, saying: “This is a classic case of what is ‘reasonably necessary’ in self-defence allowed for in Archbold 14-91.”
The court was convinced that the woman had no choice but to beat and kill her husband using a heavy DVD box set containing series 1–7 of Game of Thrones. She had implored him several times not to give away anything from the episode.
One of these characters has likely killed one of the others, or had sex with them.
The court believes that the woman had no other way out of the situation. Especially since the first hit, despite causing a serious laceration, did not stop him hinting at details of the scene between Cersei and Jaime Lannister that would “change everything”.
Only after he had been hit several more times did the man finally fall silent.
The judge, barristers and jury regularly held their hands over their ears for several minutes at a time as they were also yet to see the episode in question. These sections are also marked “Spolier alert!” in the trancript of the hearing.
The accused also cut off her husband’s head and displayed it on a spike by her front door. The court found no fault with this. The written judgment finds this to be “reasonable behaviour given the circumstances”. It also “deters neighbours from revealing spoilers and is therefore a sensible precaution.”
cs, dan, ssi; picture: Shutterstoc; first published 2017-08-29
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