Tuesday 28 May 2019

“Iran keeps moving country closer to our troops!” warns US

Washington, Tehran (dpo) - Tensions between the governments in Washington, D.C., and Tehran, Iran, are heightening. Now, the USA is accusing Iran of incrementally shifting its national borders closer to US troops, with some service personnel already almost in range of weapons.

“Iran’s territory threatens our troops, who are stationed peacefully in the surrounding area,” declared John Bolton, US National Security Advisor, “some of their national borders are moving dangerously close to our soldiers. Almost within range of weapons. Iran must desist immediately!”
Bolton: “Our troops are surrounded from within!”
Even the US Navy has been affected by Iranian aggression. “Last week, our aircraft carrier was still over 600 miles away from Iran. This rogue nation is sticking its nose into all kinds of places and now, it has moved its coastline to sit about 60 miles from the USS Abraham Lincoln.”
In response, the USA has threatened to move in its troops. Bolton said, “We are a peaceful nation but if Iran attempts to move its borders under our troops’ feet, war will be inevitable.”
dan, ssi; map based on: TUBS, CC BY-SA 3.0, picture below: Shutterstock
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