Tuesday 30 November 2021

Child prodigy: boy discovers senselessness of life at tender age of nine

Coventry, UK (dpo) - Little Timmy, 9, stunned the world with this latest revelation. It seems that this wunderkind has already arrived at a conclusion that most people do not reach until much later in life: he has discovered that life has no meaning.

The Postillon interviewed child psychologist Tanya Rigley, who was incredibly enthusiastic, reporting: “Little Timmy really is a child prodigy! While at his age other children simply play happily all day long and have an unfounded optimistic perspective on the future, Timmy has already realised that things are only ever going to get worse, life is just a sham and we will all die in the end without any chance of an afterlife.”
Timmy’s favourite pastime
Timmy’s parents are very proud of their son: “I am absolutely convinced that Timmy’s development is so far advanced because of our excellent parenting”, asserts his father. “We have always made sure that he was under no illusions about his future. As I always say to him: you are good for nothing, and that will never change.”
Accordingly, little Timmy seems a very modest person. He does not like the limelight and, despite being young in years, he already thinks like an adult marked by the adversities of life. He demonstrates the true depth of this astonishing maturity in his response when the Postillon’s reporter asked if he would like to add anything. He countered with a simple question: “What for?”
ssi; picture above: Fotolia; picture on the right: Miika Silfverberg, CC BY-SA 2.0; first published 2017-09-18
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