Friday 3 December 2021

Competition for Amazon boss, Jeff Bezos: first space tourist to fly with Wish leaves Earth’s atmosphere

San Francisco (dpo) - Could this be serious competition for Jeff Bezos and Amazon? E-commerce service Wish is now offering trips to space and, in their usual style, their prices are incredibly low. Wish’s first space tourist has already purchased his flight and crossed the Kármán line.
“Well, the rocket looks a bit different to the one in the photo when I ordered,” observed tiler John Malick before take-off. “But you know, the experience only cost US$ 699. Bezos’s Blue Origin were charging over US$ 200,000!”
He was somewhat puzzled that the rocket was made of cardboard but, “They have to save money somewhere, I guess. You can see that with the spacesuit, too. It has clearly been made by a fancy-dress company.”
After the seventh countdown – the engines didn’t ignite on any of the first six – the first budget flight to space took off.
It is not yet clear when or how John Malick will be returning to Earth. According to Wish’s records, he has not yet booked a return flight.

dan, ssi; idea: mwe; picture: Shutterstock
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