Thursday 6 June 2019

Woman throws ball correctly

Hamburg (dpo) - Is it a fake or the astounding truth? A YouTube clip published a short while ago has triggered a heated debate. The video shows a young woman in a park who appears to be throwing a ball perfectly. The YouTube comments and several expert panels are now a hotbed of discussion as to whether this is even possible within the laws of physics and medicine.

The astonishing thing is that the woman neither strangely bends her arm before throwing the ball, which would cause it to spring upwards in a vertical movement, nor releases it too late – behaviours known to be typical in females. In both cases, the projectile would have hit ground just a couple of paces away and could not have been caught by a fellow player at an estimated distance of approx. 10 m (10.94 yd).
It is no wonder then, that the 100,000 or so YouTubers who have already watched the clip fall into two camps, with many believing that this lady must have been given a little assistance by means of Photoshop. YouTuber Bennster1992 is one such skeptic: “A total fail! I have watched this clip about 100 times now and I am sure there is something funny about the shadow the ball throws. :-o Maybe they have reanimated it?”
Others are convinced that the lady in the clip is, in fact, a petite man with a wig or perhaps a transgender woman, therefore having previous experience of living as a man.
You can see the much-debated YouTube clip here:

Despite all speculations, experts in both image editing and sports medicine now consider the clip to be genuine – after all, it also shows the young woman’s disastrous attempt at catching the ball a few seconds later as she clumsily claps her hands together far too late.
ssi; first published 2017-10-03
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