Tuesday 5 April 2022

Sight of young female pharmacist causes man with penile yeast infection to spontaneously purchase cough syrup

Augsburg (dpo) - Confronted with a young female pharmacist, a 25-year-old man with a very itchy penile yeast infection spontaneously bought a bottle of cough syrup instead of a soothing cream in central Augsburg today. By his own account, he had already tried in vain to procure a treatment for his ailment at several different pharmacies.

“Hi, I need…um…well, I’m suffering from…”, F. stammered sheepishly when he got to the counter and realised that he was not going to be served by one of the older pharmacists like he had hoped. “Erm, I’ll just have a bottle of this cough syrup, please. That’s all I need.” As he was saying this, the man, whose crotch was on fire, managed to force two fake coughs.
Afterwards, he left the pharmacy cursing. “Damn it! Now I have to find another pharmacy again!” After all, this was already the fourth pharmacy the young man had visited on a single day to try and get a remedy for his yeast infection.
“In the first one I went to, I was served by quite an old pharmacist who looked as if he were secretly judging me all the time”, F. describes his plight. “Also, he reminded me of my grandfather”.
Of course, F. therefore changed his mind at the last second and requested hay fever tablets. “I don’t even suffer from any allergies…aaargh. Why does it have to itch so much down there?!”
At the second pharmacy, he was no better off. He was served by a pharmacist roughly the same age as himself.
As F. comments, “I wanted to play it cool so I bought some aspirin. I thought that would make me look as though I am out partying all the time.”
F. subtly scratches between his legs. “I cannot believe there are no completely normal pharmacists out there – you know, the ones that are between 48 and 52 years old, with slightly greying hair, glasses and a trust-inducing birthmark in the shape of Sardinia underneath their left eye.”
ssi, dan; pictures: Shutterstock; first published 2017-11-24
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