Monday 11 April 2022

Russia praised as only country in world with no need to investigate alleged war crimes, already certain they are false

Bucha, Moscow (dpo) - In a revelation that puts Russia lightyears ahead of other nations, the Kremlin appears to have the means to know with instant certainty that accustations of war crimes are false, with no need for any kind of investigation.

“Russia clearly has the best military and administrative structures ever seen, with total control over every individual soldier,” raves military historian Arndt Thurmüller. “They can therefore be 100% certain that 0 people have been killed or abused, despite thousands of eye witnesses and several satellite images, as well as other compelling evidence against the Russian state. Other governments must be green with envy.”

Even highly developed nations such as the USA, UK and France are required to launch complex investigations in such cases, interviewing witnesses on the ground, interrogating soldiers and assessing the evidence. These proceedings often take several months or years.

Even Russia’s adversary, Ukraine, recently responded to a video showing alleged abuses carried out against Russian prisoners of war. Ukraine condemned these actions and promised to investigate the incident and hold those responsible to account.

Not so for Russia. Within just a few hours, Russian officials were able to rule out all alleged war crimes and even to go further, detailing 23 different explanations as to what had actually happened.

All hail Mother Russia: the guiding light of humane and honest warfare.

ssi, dan; picture: Imago

Read the German article HERE.

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