Friday 1 November 2019

Halloween horror: severely injured boy, 9, given sweets rather than medical attention

Coventry (dpo) - Poor little Timmy, 9! It all started on Thursday evening, when he fell out of his bedroom window, sustaining a severe laceration which resulted in heavy bleeding. And it all went downhill from there. At this point, 9 year-old Timmy was covered in blood and completely disorientated. He managed to ring several doorbells in an attempt to get help, yet help was not forthcoming. Instead, the residents of these houses simply smiled at him and gave him generous quantities of sweets.

Timmy was sitting by the window in his room watching the other children excitedly celebrating Halloween. “We don’t believe in this American nonsense”, explain Timmy’s parents when asked about the affair. “That’s why he had been sent to his room. We didn’t want him to get any daft ideas.”
Timmy was too curious, though. He leaned too far out of the window and fell down from upstairs, landing outside. He twisted his shoulder and received a severe laceration to the forehead which bled heavily.
Sweets: almost as good as first aid
Nobody saw Timmy fall so he had to pick himself up again but was completely disorientated. He started looking for an adult but only found costumed children who screamed and ran away as soon as they saw him. He began ringing doorbells and groaning in a desperate attempt to express a need for help. But it was all in vain. “Yes, that lad came and rang my doorbell last night”, one resident confirms. “He was wearing white face paint and covered in blood. His arm flopped around, too. It was a great costume, if a bit too much for my tastes really. I still gave him a couple of Penguins and some sour sweets, though.”
The police pieced together the scene and eventually worked out that Timmy must have rung 50 different doorbells and collected 10 kg (22 lb) of sweets. He also received five extensive lectures about tomorrow being All Saints’ Day and was chased away with a garden hose three times. One elderly gentleman even set his Dachshund on the injured boy.
Little Timmy was discovered in one resident’s front garden in the early hours, covered in a mountain of bonbons, boiled sweets and chocolates. He was taken to hospital and is now stable. However, the police have confiscated his sweets since, according to a spokesperson, they were “acquired under false pretences”.
ssi; picture above: istockphoto, picture on the right: © Jenifoto -; first published 2017-11-01
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