Friday 18 November 2022

Man unsure how much to spend on Christmas present after agreeing not to exchange gifts

Vancouver (dpo) - It is quite the conundrum. William McLaughlin from Vancouver is once again facing his annual dilemma: how much money should he spend on his girlfriend Susanne? The problem is that the couple have agreed not to exchange gifts for Christmas. This has ended disastrously for the 29-year-old for the last two years.

The two first agreed on this in 2017 and Christmas was a catastrophe. McLaughlin had clearly misunderstood the agreement as he genuinely did not buy anything. “Susie bought me a DVD was incredibly disappointed that I had not bought her anything,” he recounts. “Then she just sulked for the rest of the holidays.”
The next year, the young man wanted to make up for his mistake and surprised her with a new espresso machine. “Then she got really angry because she had only spent $75 on a hockey jersey for me and she thought I had made her look bad. She said we’d agreed not to exchange gifts, so what on earth was this? She kept the $300 espresso machine, though.”
Now McLaughlin has no idea how much money he should spend on his girlfriend. “I’ve already asked all my friends what they do but they all just gave me this sympathetic look or ran away screaming.”
“Hang on,” says McLaughlin and pauses at a shop window. “That’s the dress she tried on recently and asked whether it made her look fat. She put it back because I thought about it for a few seconds. I’ll just buy her that and tell her that she looks really thin in it.”
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