Tuesday 20 September 2022

New ‘burkdl’ enables devout Muslim women to attend Oktoberfest

Munich, Bavaria (dpo) - Finally, devout Muslim women need no longer forego beer, pork knuckles and hearty oompah music. Today, a fashion designer from Munich unveiled his latest creation, which he calls the ‘burkdl’. The garment is a cross between a burka and a dirndl, merging eastern and western traditions elegantly and respectfully. Of course, it had to be approved by an Imam before it could hit the shops.

German-Arab fashion designer Schorsch Al-Amuli (29) explains his work, “The ‘burkdl’ incorporates the full body veil demanded by fundamentalist undercurrents of Islam. Nobody can see the Muslim lady’s face and have any untoward thoughts. At the same time, the design of the garment imitates typical Bavarian folk costumes, so the wearer can seamlessly merge into the crowd.”
Product tester Asifa Masaad is impressed. “In a ‘burkdl’, you can sway to the oompah music, eat pork knuckles or sausages and have four or five steins of beer. Previously, all of this was simply unthinkable for me!” The only time the veil could prove a little less than practical when throwing up after drinking too much.
These benefits are not exclusive to women. Al-Amuli also designs for Muslim men and is currently working on a kaftan which ends in Lederhosen. He also has plans for a prayer cap decorated with the famous brush-shaped tuft of hair known as the Gamsbart, which is traditionally worn on men’s hats in Austria and Bavaria.
fed; ssi, dan; picture [M]: Shutterstock; first published 2018-10-01
Read the German version HERE.
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