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“It’ll all be alright, mate”: man cures friend from depression using one simple sentence

Perth, Australia (dpo) - This is an extraordinary psychological breakthrough. It all happened when a friend of bank employee Manny Paterson opened up to him about his long-term struggle with depression. Manny managed to cure his friend of the illness simply by saying, “It’ll all be alright, mate”. Experts agree that this method could spark a true revolution across the whole field of psychology.

Mr Paterson recounts how he came across this miracle cure, “My mate Max had always been quite positive, really. He even had a bit of a reputation for being a tad full of himself within our circle of friends. So, when he first told me about his depression, it just didn’t ring true – not for someone like him! Well, I thought, surely someone who is usually so upbeat can’t stay down for long. So I told him, ‘It’ll all be alright, mate.’ And there you have it. He started smiling again!”
Since that defining moment, Max has not mentioned the topic at all. “He is fully back to normal, his depression just vanished into thin air”, Manny states proudly. “He hasn’t brought up again with me at all.”
Even psychologists are impressed with the effect of these five little words. “Usually, friends and relatives of patients suffering from clinical depression are only able to achieve similar results using phrases such as, ‘Cheer up!’, ‘Just try not to think about it’ and ‘There are people far worse off than you’”, explains psychotherapist Warwick Fredericks.
Mr Paterson is just glad that he was abe to cure his friend. “I was really worried I might be expected to delve into his problems with him, be attentive to his feelings and stuff like that. And he would have killed the mood in our entire friendship group, too.”
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