Tuesday 15 March 2022

As western firms leave Russia, McPutin, Vladivostok Fried Chicken and Burger Tzar open their doors

Moscow (dpo) - Western companies are pulling out of Russia in their droves and the Kremlin is moving in Russian replacements to fill the gaps. Today, Moscow welcomed the first outlets of new fast-food chains McPutin, Vladivostok Fried Chicken and Burger Tzar. Other popular brands have also been replaced.

“Come on in and try our delicious burgers!” McPutin owner, Nikolai Sorokin, drums up trade. “We’ve got everything you could wish for: McBorscht, Big Blini, McBeef Stroganoff, the Putinburger!”

Mr Sorokin’s business model is based on cheap deals: “Our saver menu is priced at just 499 rubles, and for that, the burger comes with fried potatoes and a vodka. Vladivostok Fried Chicken and Burger Tzar simply can’t compete with that! One moment, I am getting a currency market update… OK, the saver menu is now 899 rubles. This is why we have digital price displays.”

The fast-food sector is not the only one with gaps for the government to fill. Russian households can now drink Mosca-Cola (made from potatoes), stream Russian films on Nietflix, buy sportswear from Putidas and Nikita and fashion from Lada and Pushkin (previously Prada and Gucci).

So far, the Russian population has received the new options well according to the many positive reviews by users without profile pictures like realperson3756273 on platforms like Twitnik and Feysbuk.

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