Thursday 21 April 2022

Damage valued at £88.27 as burglars strip Primark store of entire contents

Sheffield (dpo) - Sheffield’s burglars had a ball last night: unknown perpetrators stripped bare the Primark store located at number 30 The Moor, right down to the last T-shirt. The criminals even managed to make off with the till containing the day’s takings. According to police, the total damage is estimated to £88.27 (US$ 115.25 at time of publishing).

When sales assistant Michelle Houghton opened the shop doors this morning, she was shocked to see that all two floors comprising 45,000 sq. ft. of retail space had been completely cleared out, as had the stock room. The whole range of coats, jumpers, boots, trousers, bras, underwear, slippers and disposable socks had simply vanished.
At least they left the hangers behind (total value: £176.54, or $230.51 at time of publishing)
The thieves entered the store at night and apparently stole several tons of textiles. Police presume that several lorries were needed to transport their loot.
“Just consider the sheer quantities involved!” complains an astonished Michelle Houghton. “An average Primark customer takes a month to buy that much!” Management at the clothes retailer are equally shocked. “These burglars have no ethics. They simply do not care about anything or anyone; to them, nothing is sacred. They are only after one thing: easy money”, reported a Primark spokesperson.
The loss of the £88.27 will be very painful for the chain store – after all, this sum accounts for at least 5% of Primark’s annual revenue. “It takes a Bangladeshi granny and her family an awful long time to produce this amount of textiles!”
Meanwhile, staff at Primark do not hold out much hope that police will quickly be able to establish the reasons for the burglary and return the stolen goods. Experience shows that the clothes will most likely end up somewhere in Eastern Europe where people will buy them as cheap fuel to burn during cold weather.
swo; picture [M]: Primark; first published 2018-13-01
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